2017AMS Tong Run Parts Exhibition grand record documentary


Product description

This exhibition, Tong Run fully demonstrated its expertise in the field of auto repair, carrying a strong product line, from jack to lift, covering almost the entire 4S shop products, these products are our own R & D and manufacturing, the full range , The only one in China. The exhibitors new products include: electric unlock four-post lift, cylinder insurance integrated scissor lift lift, 5 ton gantry double-column lift, reputation in North America, "Hornet" Jack also debut .



Focus on the jack for 50 years, Tongrun jack has long stood the pinnacle of the world. In recent years, the company continued to expand its product line, Tongrun lift, carrying Tongrun jack glory, rapid development. It has passed the United States ALI certification. ALI is the most authoritative American lift industry certification, the North American market permits. Now, like Tongrun jack, Tongrun lift has also been exported to all countries in the world.

Uphold the North American "Hornet" jack, with flow and speed control technology, load slow down function, can effectively protect the vehicle, the use of safety. In the same industry is the first to reach the world advanced level.

Pavilion popular popularity

Strong "BIG RED" brand effect, attracting many customers at home and abroad and the industry elite have come here, the show full of popularity.

Business negotiations overwhelmed

Every show is a meeting of our new and old friends from all over the world. "Recruitment world off passengers, laughing P Plus Bin", Tong Run, welcome!


Tongrun globalization is our constant pursuit!


Globalized Torin

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