0.5Ton Engine Support

0.5Ton Engine Support

• Supports engine or transmission in place during repairs
• Dual hook assemblies for balanced support
• Adjustment screw for load leveling
• Rubber cushioned support legs prevent damage to paint
• All steel construction
• Powder coat finish
Product description

Product Information

Constructed of heavy-duty powder coated steel for durability, the engine support bar lets you work on heavy automotive repairs such as removing the transmission or  transaxle. The engine support bar comes with everything needed to perform work on your engine or transmission, including a steel beam. The rubber padded support legs prevent slips as well as damage to paint.

Product Parameters




0.5 Ton

Cross beam Length

1500 mm


16 kgs


17 kgs

Package Size

1550x160x130 mm


816 PCS



•    Supports engine or transmission in place during repairs

•    Dual hook assemblies for balanced support

•    Adjustment screw for load leveling

•    Rubber cushioned support legs prevent damage to paint

•    All steel construction

•    Powder coat finish

Common Problems And Solutions

If you use and maintain your equipment properly, it will give you many years of service. Follow the maintenance instructions carefully to keep your equipment in good working condition. Never perform any maintenance on the equipment while it is under a load.


If the moving parts of the equipment are obstructed, use cleaning solvent or another good degreaser to clean the equipment. Remove any existing rust, with a penetrating lubricant.


This equipment will not operate safely without proper lubrication. Using the equipment without proper lubrication will result in poor performance and damage to the equipment. Some parts in this equipment are not self-lubricating inspect the equipment before use and lubricate when necessary. After cleaning, lubricate the equipment using light penetrating oil, lubricating spray.

Use a good lubricant on all moving parts.

For light duty applications, use lubrication once a month.

For heavy and constant application, weekly lubrication is recommended.


With release valve closed, an upward stroke of the long ram handle draws oil from the reservoir tank into the plunger cavity. Hydraulic pressure holds the valve closed, which keeps the oil in the plunger cavity. A downward stroke of the long ram handle releases oil into the cylinder, which forces the ram out. This raises the hydraulic ram. When the ram reaches maximum extension, oil is bypassed back into the reservoir to prevent an over extended ram stroke and possible damage to the long ram. Opening the release valve allows oil to flow back into reservoir. This releases hydraulic pressure on the ram, which results in lowering the hydraulic ram.

Storing the Crane

1. Lower the Lifting Arm.

2. Place the handle in the upright position.

3. Store in a dry location, recommended indoors.

Note: If the crane is stored outdoors, be sure to lubricate all parts before and after use to ensure the crane

stays in good working condition.

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