Tire Balancer

• Movable & easy-your good helper
• With self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions
• LED light & digital display
Product description

Product Information

This Products Wheel Balancing Machine is a highly accurate system that increases productivity by reducing floor-to-floor times and minimizing "come-backs."  ensuring balanced, vibration-free wheels. New "open-side" hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes.  




Product Parameters

Optional power supply

110v(1ph)/220v(1/3ph)  380v(3ph)

Balancing speed

±120 r.p.m

Balancing accuracy

±1q( 0.04 OZ)

Balancing accuracy

±1q( 0.04 OZ)

Measuring time



N/G weight

35/42 kg


Movable & easy-your good helper
With self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions
LED light & digital display


Common Problems And Solutions
Maintain your equipment. It is recommended that the general condition of any equipment be examined before it is used. Keep your equipment in good repair by adopting a program of conscientious repair and maintenance. Have necessary repairs made by qualified service personnel.
If the moving parts of the equipment are obstructed, use cleaning solvent or another good degreaser to clean the equipment. Remove any existing rust, with a penetrating lubricant.
Do not use motor oil or grease to lubricate the equipment
Rust Prevention:
-Check daily for any signs of rust or corrosion.
Without a load lift the equipment as high as it goes and look under and behind the lifting points. If signs of rust are visible clean as needed.
Storing the Equipment
1. Store in a dry location, recommended indoors.
2. Equipment should be stored in an area where they will not be subjected to damage.
3. If extreme temperatures or chemically active or abrasive environments are involved, the guidance provided in shall be followed.
4. Temperature - When equipment is used at temperatures above 140"F (60"C) or below -20"F (-29"C), the equipment manufacturer or a qualified person should be consulted.
5. Chemically Active Environments -The strength and operation of eqipment can be affected by chemically active environments such as caustic or acid substances or fumes. The equipment manufacturer or a qualified person should be consulted before equipment are used in chemically active environments.
6. Other Environments - The internal workings of equipment can be affected by high moisture, gravel or sand, silt, grit, or other dust-laden air. Equipment subject to these environments should have their inner components frequently cleaned, inspected, and lubricated.
Note: If the equipment is stored outdoors, be sure to lubricate all parts before and after use to ensure the equipment stays in good working condition.
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