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Pneumatic Oil Extractors

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Product description

Product Information

This product for motor vehicles and motor cycles with level-gauge supplied with series of probes• Due to their versatility, these pantograph oil suction/drainers are universal drainers because they can be used to change the oil of all motor vehicles and motorcycles: - by gravity with tank on floor - by gravity with tank raised, with motor vehicles placed on auto lift or pit. - by suction with probe inserted directly in the engine, and anywhere because they do not require continuous connection to the compressed-air line or to other energy sources• (The oil must be hot 70/80°c).

Product Parameters



Product Size

545x510x970 mm

Package Size

540x520x1000 mm

N.W. / G.W.

27 kgs /31 kgs


70 PCS




Common Problems And Solutions

Maintain your equipment. I